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Petersnet May 11, 1999 Website Review

Description: Our Lady's Warriors is an informal group of Catholic Laity who defend the fullness of Truth in the Catholic Faith by remaining obedient to the Holy See and Magisterium and fighting dissent within the Church.

You will find the following on this site:

Some help on fighting dissent in your parish
Dissenting Organizations
Dissenting Authors and Speakers

Of extreme importance is their list of documents on Renew 2000. This is valuable site for anyone who is trying to defend the Church against the attack of the modernists. We highly recommend you make use of their resources.


Fidelity: A
Resources: B
Implementation: A- (Purpose: A; Maintenance: A; Organization: A; Appearance: C)

Envoy Magazine Nov/Dec 1999 Website Review - page 62

by David Palm

Winning a Worldwide Web of Souls

Dissent - we're awash in it right now in the Catholic Church. This is a site dedicated to countering dissent in the Church. Come here to gain ready access to materials you need to counter dissent in your parish, diocese or the Church at large.

You'll find definitions of dissent, heresy, modernism and other terms you should be familiar with when seeking to understand and counteract forces in the Church which seek to undermine Catholic doctrine. Also included are quick links to the Catholic Church's "Code of Canon Law," several catechisms containing the definitive teachings of the Church, and official documents on the proper celebration of the liturgy. All of these resources will help you counter the most common doctrinal errors and false practices espoused by dissenters.

Especially welcome to me was a section dedicated to resources to help us learn what it takes to seek to become a saint. Our Holy Father, John Paul II, has said that what the Church needs now is not more reformers, but more saints. The dissenters considering themselves to be "reforming" the Church, but there is a curious and telling lack of emphasis on seeking personal holiness. I commend Our Lady's Warriors for recognizing that personal conversion and the pursuit of holiness are prerequisites for all renewal and reform in the Church.