November 2001

Most Reverend Bishop ________________________

At the recent Synod of Bishops, Pope John Paul II exhorted the bishops of the world to closely examine their role as the successors of the apostles and their "task of preaching and safeguarding the faith." As a baptized Catholic, residing at the address below, I wish to register, in charity, my disappointment with a majority leadership who fail in their duties.


After 28 years of legalized abortion, high-profile Catholic politicians consistently vote "pro-choice" and remain unchastened. Pro-abortion celebrities address students at Catholic universities. The majority of Catholic priests never mention the immorality of contraception, abortion or homosexual activity. Humane Vitae remains untaught. From our bishops, we have received two largely unread pastorals, three failed post-card campaigns, and a shrinking reluctance to become engaged in the pro-life movement. Because our bishops have lacked courage, WE ARE GRIEVOUSLY OFFENDED.


After an 11 year, scandalous stall and delay campaign against the Holy Father's educational encyclical, Ex Corde Ecclesiae, the U. S. Bishops have at last acted, weakly. There is no clear mandate to ensure Catholic educators take the required oath of allegiance to Magisterial teachings. In April, 2001, when disobedient and defiant Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB, urged 14,000 cheering Catholic educators to overthrow the Church ("decide which church you wantÖand teach it, be it, lead it"), not a word was said. Only a minute number of dioceses refused to support the NCEA [National Catholic Education Association] conference. Many dioceses welcome dissidents and give them free rein. Many parents withdraw their children from Catholic schools because of inadequate catechesis and immoral sex education programs that undermine our children's innocence. Because our bishops have failed to listen, to act authoritatively in the name of the Gospel, WE ARE GRIEVOUSLY OFFENDED.


After 30 years of liturgical renewal, many Catholics are hopelessly confused. The solid foundation of our faith is considerably weakened because our Churches are now barns, our priests, entertainers, our Masses, sing-along picnics. Lay roles are clericalized; clerics are secularized. Our devotions are discarded, our statues, kneelers and tabernacles removed. Polls confirm and actions show the majority of Catholics no longer believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. And small wonder when Shepherds ignore the Holy See's many instructions and corrections. Because our bishops have failed to safeguard the liturgy, WE ARE GRIEVOUSLY OFFENDED.

A crisis of faith afflicts the Roman Catholic Church in the United States that requires your urgent attention. I respectfully submit these comments with the fervent hope that you will initiate a pro-active response to these problems. I look forward to your personal reply, and I assure you of my constant prayers on your behalf in light of the mission we both share to bring all souls to Christ.









City, State


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